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Our coaches are parents who have been through the child welfare system and are in substance use recovery themselves.

Our Process

Make Contact

We make contact with the child welfare-impacted parent(s) after a protection plan or removal is put in place as soon as possible. This provides dedicated one on one support to the parent(s) to make sense of everything that just happened and make clear what is expected of them. We build trust and give them a sense of security knowing there is someone there to help them navigate the system and help them advocate for themselves.


We evaluate the protective plan to see what is needed and expected of the parent. We listen to the parent, and hold space for their side of the story and allow them to be heard. As coaches who have this type of specific lived experience, we offer support no other organization or licensed therapist can. We explain again what is in the protection plan and what is expected in a way that they understand.


We collaborate with the parent to see what their individual substance use recovery wellness goals are and break them down into smaller more achievable steps through their individualized recovery wellness plan. We include objectives placed on them by court order or through the CPS protection plan.

Remove Barriers

We assess what barriers or obstacles are in the parent’s way of achieving their goals. Some barriers are systemic and medical and some are personal. This could include but is not limited to, transportation, finances, time, communication, scheduling habits, organization, trauma, fear, apathy, grief, depression, and anxiety.


After building trust, and assessing wants, needs, and requirements we get the parent connected with resources for any of the needs listed above and fill in gap resources whenever possible.

Follow Through and Support

We follow up and go with them. If attending a 12 step meeting is on their plan we go with them until they feel comfortable going themselves. Since our coaches are recovering themselves, they are able to remove that fear as a barrier. If going to treatment of any kind is a part of their plan, we go with them until they are comfortable going on their own. The same is true for any objective on the recovery wellness plan the parent would like support on. This also includes attending meetings with their social worker or court dates for support.

To Learn More

If you, a family member, or a loved one are a child welfare-impacted parent(s) with a protection plan or removal is put in place due to substance use disorder, please reach out to set up an appointment today. 

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