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Who We Are & What We Do

By connecting through lived experience, and having extensive knowledge of the local resources available to our recoverees we are able to cut the separation time of families down by, on average, half.



Our Mission is to reduce the number of children in foster care through early intervention, education, and providing wraparound services to families affected by substance use disorder.



To create a world where substance use disorder is not the fault of the afflicted and families recover together.

Image by Jhon David


We lead from lived experience with integrity, transparency, and flexibility.

We meet those affected by
substance use disorder with
understanding, empathy, and respect.

We invite families to embrace their own power by giving them the tools and support to
advocate for themselves.

We offer families unrelenting compassion, care, connection, and resources. 


Our Team

Patti Heffernan

Molly Hanseter

Administration Lead and Family Coach

Hallie Volkman RCP

Training Facilitator & Recovery Coach

Our Board

Cathy Thompson


Dustin Koury

Board Member

Laura Kuehl

Board Member

Lori Palmeri

Ex-Officio Board Member 

Patti Heffernan

Executive Director 

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